Pirulito de Pimenta

Pirulito de Pimenta
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domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2012

Amsterdam HuisHoudBeurs 2012

This year I went to check out the Amsterdam HuisHoudBeurs 2012  in the RAI building. A place where you can find everything ! That would be my best description of it. 

I must confess I thought it was a place to find everything for the "house", as it says, but it was more like.. everything everything: onion slicers, whole bread, home made compots and nougats, cleaning products for the house, artificial nails and hair, cosmetics, pan cleaners... everything!

Hello , Nougat!

Of course I was not only interested in the 'house' things. My favorite part of the fair was the food ! I was surprised with so many different colors and tastes and smells. If you go there make sure you have room for some more food because they are gonna make you try every single thing you see.

Hello, sweetie!

Nougat, chocolate, foccacia, stroopwafels, macaroons, cupcakes, snoepjes, worst, cheese... what would you like to try?  

Homemade biological jams in several different delicious flavours & only 20% sugar

This is what happens when  you say you´re gonna start your diet on monday...

Mini-workshops: How to decorate cupcakes
There´s only one thing more interesting than decorating cupcakes: eating them!

Assim você me mataaa...
You almost get diabetes just to look at these cute little cupcakes, don´t you?

Pick, mix and enjoy! Caramels, nougats, chocolates...

...marshmallows, dulce de leche, crispies...

...all colours and flavours!

Modeling lessons

There was also a fashion thing going on the catwalk. You could have your make up done and after that go on a fotoshoot and make a book , and you could also take lessons on the catwalk with real professionals. But what caught my attention was this super-ubber-fashion...

I would have dropped dead if I couldn´t make a picture of them!

It was also fun for the kids. Games with prices made them join the line to participate

Cristal chandelier. Only for VIP . 

I could buy a lot of make up with that money, you know?

And in the end, when you´re tired and helpless, you find these branch-chairs to sit on and relax.

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  1. Nossa Renally, quantas delícias. Você voltou pra Holanda? Bjos!

    1. Oi Fê!

      Delícias mil por aqui !
      Voltei sim, temporariamente por enquanto (longa história)...



  2. Estou indo por aí em Agosto, você ainda vai estar? Bjos!

    1. Fê, vou estar no Brasil entre abril e agosto. dependendo do dia que você vai vir eu posso ou não estar aqui. me avisa quando tiver mais perto que a gente combina de se ver. :)