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Pirulito de Pimenta
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sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2012

Carnival in Delft & Stroopwafels in the market

Hello Everybody!

After a long long long winter , here am I again trying to please you all with some nice and funny news...

... this time I went to the market in Delft on a saturday carnival and I found something that we all appreciate: guess what?

Yes, fresh big Stroopwafels! I´m telling you, once you eat those you can never live without. 

This is what we call LOVE at first BITE!

Yes, they are bigger than my face. 
Yes, they are just so fresh that you feel them melting in your mouth.
Yes, they are the best and most famous treat in Nederland.
Yes, I absolutely adore them and all my friends who tried (from all over the world) share the same opinion about them.

And they sell not only Stroopwafels but also waffles, honing lollypops, crumbs with or without honing... it´s a piece of heaven !

Yeah, everybody is happy with Stroopwafels!
Well, lately I´ve been told a lot that we brazilian people like everything too sweet. For Dutch people the way we drink our coffee is too sweet, our deserts and treats are too sweet... etc etc... Well, I love sweet and most of my friends do too. But I can´t explain why.

Is is because life is a bit bitter for us? When life is sweet the coffee is bitter and vice-versa! That would be my guess.

Viva la dolce vida! Honing Lollypops, colorful topped waffels and crumbs with honing in a plastic container...  Mouth watering !

Kruimels = what´s left of the waffle (a.k.a. crumbs) when they cut it round, without the honing. Also delicious with ice-cream or as a topping for icing cupcakes.

But with everything going on around me, all the flowers smells, stroopwafels smells and too much people in the streets I couldn´t help noticing someone really sad in the crowd. Maybe because the carnival songs were too loud for him, maybe because he didn´t get a bite of a Stroopwafel... 

... I wanted to take him home with me and play till tomorrow. But his owner didn´t think it was a very good idea. 
And last but not least, I introduce you to the Carnival in Delft. I must say I´ve never been a big fan of carnival, but some people misteriously seem to have a lot of fun with it and I respect that, even though sometimes I think it´s a bit funny and sad...

Sorry, as I told you, I´m not a big fan of carnival. I´m better off with my stroopwafel and a good movie. 

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